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For the first time in history, NASA Insights recorded the sound of Mars earthquake

NASA announced on Tuesday (April 23) that it first discovered an earthquake on Mars and was discovered by Mars InSight lander. Measure and record.Bruce Banerdt of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory said the discovery "formally launched a new field: Mars Seismology!"The Seismic Experiment for Interior Structure detected a weak seismic signal on April 6, 2019. NASA said that this is the first time it has detected tremors from within Mars, not caused by forces above the ground, such as wind. Scientists are still studying the data to determine the exact cause of the signal.

From the recordings of the insights sent back to the Earth, you can hear three distinct sounds: the noise from the upper winds of Mars, the vibrations of the earthquake itself, and the sounds that move when the robot arm is photographed.According to Nature, Insight used the French-made instrument to hear the Marsquake, which contains three extremely sensitive seismographs in a circular enclosure to protect the…

NASA's plan to send women to the moon's surface is named after Apollo's twin sister Artemis.

The ambitious plan NASA plans to send the first woman to the moon's surface in 2024 is now named Artemis. Artemis is a symbol of the moon goddess in Greek mythology and is the twin sister of Apollo.NASA's Apollo plans to send astronauts to the moon's surface in the 1960s and 1970s, but now NASA is focusing on sending a woman to the moon."I think it is a good thing for Artemis to carry the next male and the first female to the moon after 50 years of Apollo mission," said NASA Director Jim Bridenstine. "I have an 11-year-old daughter, and I hope she can see herself as the next woman on the moon."
After NASA announced its updated lunar budget request, Bridenstine announced the new name on Monday. In March, Vice President Mike Burns called on NASA to accelerate its return to the moon. Since that challenge, Bridenstine has insisted that the first people to return to the moon will include male and female astronauts.“The first female astronaut will become an Am…

Former Soviet Union UFO Confidential: Gagarin encounters UFO (figure)

The American journalist Brian Glösch and the UFO researcher George Knapp’s article “The Secrets of the Former Soviet Union UFO” was published in the UFOON UFO Journal of the UFO research magazine MUFON in 1993.The article revealed that little-known is that the former Soviet astronaut Gagarin returned to Earth after a week of space flight, and claimed to have seen many UFOs in space flight! A former Soviet retired military officer revealed to two authors: "There were about 40 incidents of astronauts encountering UFOs."
According to the German "Pictorial" report, Gagarin described those flying objects: "They are real and flying at incredible speed. If allowed, I would be more willing to talk about it in space." The situation."Many former Soviet astronauts after Gagarin had encountered UFOs. Gleisch and Knapp went to the Soviet Union to collect information on the flying saucers of former Soviet astronauts. A former Soviet retired military officer once sa…

The American lumberjack said that he was kidnapped by aliens: observed by three bald creatures

The fascinating "alien kidnapping case" in 1975 [Global Times Comprehensive Report] Recently, researchers said that aliens may use gravitational waves to communicate, and there may be other high-intelligence life forms in the universe. Since the end of World War II, aliens have been a hot topic.

 In 1975, an American lumberjack claimed to have been kidnapped by aliens. His story became a cultural hotspot in the United States for decades. The film "The Alien Chronicle Order", adapted from his story, won the box office success.
The lumberjack was named Travis Walton. According to him, on November 5, 1975, he worked with fellow workers in the forest near Snowflake Town, Arizona. When he and six colleagues sat on the truck, they saw a flying saucer-like object hovering about 110 feet above the ground, making a high-pitched buzz.
Walton later claimed that suddenly a beam of light came out of the spacecraft and stunned him. The other 6 people drove away. Since then, Walton h…

What should I do if I encounter an UFO?

Is there an alien in this world? In recent years, US military pilots have repeatedly met UFOs, so the US Navy decided to proceed with the standard operating procedures for pilot returns, allowing the military to conduct in-depth research. US Navy spokesman Dyce said that UFOs have repeatedly entered the US air defense zone. They want to know the identity of these flying objects and what their intentions are. They hope to avoid similar incidents.

"Oh my God, look at the thing that is spinning." American fighter pilots met the UFO in the Atlantic Ocean in 2015. The scene at the time made the pilot feel incredible. "My God, this object flies against the wind." The film was published in 2018 by a private research institution in the United States, claiming that this was allowed by the US Department of Defense.
In recent years, US military pilots have repeatedly met UFOs, so the US Navy decided to conduct in-depth research. On the 24th, it issued a statement stating that t…

The merger of neutron stars enriched the solar system with radioactive elements

A large number of rare elements of actinides got into the solar system at an early stage of its formation due to the collision of two neutron stars orbiting a common center. Such conclusions were made by astrophysicists from the United States, who published work in the journal Nature.Actinides are the 15 heavy elements that inhabit the "basement" of the periodic table. 
Astrophysicists have collected a lot of evidence that actinides are formed due to the rapid capture of neutrons, or the so-called r-process (from the English. Rapid - rapid), in which nuclei of new heavy elements arise. This process can occur, for example, when neutron stars merge or when small mass stars die.

Although the half-life of actinide isotopes resulting from the r-process is shorter than 100 million years and cannot be found in the solar system, it is easy to find decay products that are well preserved in some meteorites. This means that at the time of occurrence of meteorites, many of which can right…

China plans to explore the asteroid 2016 HO3 and the comet 133P Elst - Pizarro

The China National Space Administration is planning a mission that will collect asteroid samples and visit a comet and invite international researchers to collaborate. The news appeared on the site Nature. In 2010, the Japanese station Hayabusa was the first to deliver a sample of the asteroid's soil to Earth. Today, Hayabusa-2 and the American OSIRIS-REx are circling in orbits around target asteroids. The China National Space Administration announced the launch of the development of a 10-year mission to study the asteroid 2016 HO3 and the comet 133P / Elst-Pizarro. After taking a sample, one module of the device will detach and go to Earth, and the device itself will go to the asteroid belt and fly around the 133P comet.In 2016, the American automatic telescope Pan-STARRS 1, mounted on the top of the Hawaiian volcano Haleakala, recorded the asteroid 2016 HO3. The asteroid is also known as Kamo‘oalewa, which from the Hawaiian language means "oscillating celestial object."…

Moon quakes occur near the lunar crust ruptures

From 1969 to 1977, NASA's Apollo 11, 12, 14, 15, and 16 seismometers recorded 28 small moon quakes. The researchers concluded that some of these incidents may be associated with seismic activity on the young faults of the lunar crust. Moon quakes occur less frequently than earthly ones, but can reach 5.5 on the Richter scale. The cause of moon quakes can serve as the tidal forces of the Sun and the Earth, the fall of meteorites, the tectonic activity of the lunar crust and sudden changes in temperature.The mathematical algorithm allowed us to estimate the locations of the moon quakes and found that 8 of the 28 shocks occurred within 30 kilometers of the crustal faults observed in the photographs of the LRO satellite (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter). One of the epicenters is located 13 kilometers from the Lee-Lincoln cliff, next to which the Apollo 17 crew landed.In addition, the analysis showed that six of the eight moon quakes occurred when the Moon was at a distance of less than 15…

Russian space station "Luna-25"can deliver to the moon another device

The Russian unmanned spacecraft Luna-25 is ready to send a foreign satellite weighing up to half a ton to the Moon. The news was published on the RIA Novosti website.The last Soviet vehicle launched to the moon was the Luna-24. The first Russian program "Luna-25" for the study and practical use of the satellite is carried out in the Scientific and Production Association named after S. A. Lavochkin. The project consists of two stages: an automatic probe will select a landing site near the south pole, and the descent vehicle examines the surface.
According to the Russian neutron telescope LEND, there are many volatile compounds of cosmic origin in the ground of the lunar poles. Substances were delivered to the surface of the satellite by blows of comets. Scientific instruments of the station will study the composition of the soil and estimate the mass fraction of the frozen water in it. Its presence could be a source of drinking water, oxygen and hydrogen fuel for astronauts.“T…

Space X again filed a lawsuit against the US federal government

The company Elon Mask filed a complaint against a government contract, but the content of the document is official information and remains a secret. The event is reported by The Washington Post. In 2014, the company went to court after the Air Force ordered 36 rocket stages from the United Launch Alliance (ULA). The lawsuit was a protest against the monopoly, giving only ULA the right to contract launches in the interests of national security. The court confirmed the right SpaceX to fight for contracts. This time, a statement filed with the Federal Court of Claims states that secrecy is necessary because the lawsuit contains “confidential and proprietary information that is not suitable Nevertheless, the event coincided with the preparation of the Air Force for the conclusion of large launch contracts with two private aerospace companies.In October 2018, the United States Air Force allocated $ 2 billion to the United Launch Alliance, Blue Origin and Northrop Grumman companies to develop…

NASA shares the first photo of Astor-bee robot assistant Bumble on the International Space Station

Last month, NASA sent a small cube robot called Astrobees to the International Space Station. These devices are designed to operate in the space laboratory's unique microgravity environment to assist astronauts on the International Space Station. In a recent update, NASA shared the image of the Astrobee robot "Bumble" on the International Space Station and some details about how it works with "Companion Honey."
Like peers on Earth, astronauts can benefit from robots designed to take over certain tasks, and some tasks take up more valuable time for complex tasks.NASA pointed out on its website that robot assistants can improve their productivity by assisting astronauts with some "routine work", such as counting, moving goods, and using cameras to record experiments.Astrobee is described as a free-flight system - it is designed to operate in the microgravity environment of the International Space Station. The system consists of three cube-shaped robots, …

Why is the sun still not burning? Only because the heat production efficiency is too high and young

Beijing time on May 9th news, according to foreign media reports, the sun is just an ordinary star in the galaxy, neither the brightest nor the biggest, only 4.5 billion years old. What makes the sun special is that its light and heat are just enough to sustain the survival of all the species on the only livable planet known in the universe.
 It was a great blessing for us to have humans first appeared hundreds of thousands of years ago, and the sun did not burn before it. But how come the sun has so much fuel? Why doesn't it go out like a candle or a bonfire? Will it eventually burn out?

According to Catherine Pilachowski, a professor of astronomy at Indiana University, this was an urgent issue in the 19th century. At that time, people thought that the sun had only two ways to generate energy: either by gravitational contraction to produce light and heat, that is, to shrink to the center, while releasing energy, so the volume will gradually shrink; or burn like a match or a bonfire…

Why is there a huge difference between the front and the back of the moon? Scientists believe that it is caused by a huge collision

The moon always shows us the good side. On the front facing the earth, there is a wide, smooth basin, while on the back there are craters. According to the Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) mission launched by NASA in 2012, it has been found that there is an inexplicable thick shell on the back of the moon and is covered by an extra layer of material.

Since the Apollo mission era, scientists have been collecting data that has unveiled the mystery of the moon's "front and back." The latest evidence suggests that the main culprit causing such a large difference in the back of the moon is the ancient collision of Judas. In a recent paper published in the journal JGR: Planets, the original effects between dwarf planets and the moon and the 360-degree computer model of the current lunar crustal structure are described.The main author of the paper, Meng Hua Zhu from the Institute of Space Science at the Macau University of Science and Technology, said in a press …

Research: Benefiting from Gas Insulation Pluto may have a liquid underground ocean

According to foreign media reports, if there is a sea beneath Pluto, why is it not frozen into a solid? Computer simulations designed by researchers at Hokkaido University in Japan and elsewhere have shown that if the planet's underground ocean is still liquid, it is most likely due to a layer of insulating gas insulation.
The NASA New Horizons flight in Pluto in July 2015 changed many of the views of this dwarf planet and other celestial bodies in the cold outer layer of the solar system. A fascinating finding is that this equator, Texas-sized white ellipsoidal basin is called Sputnik Planitia and may have a muddy ocean beneath its ice surface.This is an interesting idea, but it raises the question: How does it exist on a planet like Pluto that is far from the sun? Pluto has no molten core and is not near a huge planet that can be heated by tidal forces. According to mathematical calculations, such a sea should have been frozen billions of years ago. If there was a sea under Sputn…

Mysterious material makes the Milky Way"through the hole"? Experts speculate that it is dark matter

According to the US Life Science website, scientists speculated that a mysterious "dark impactor" collided with many holes in the Milky Way. We could not visually observe that it could not be composed of normal matter, but it seems to exist. Ana Bonaca, a researcher at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, said: "It looks like a high-density bullet made up of something."
On April 15th, Anna presented the evidence of “dark impactors” at the American Physical Society meeting in Denver. She pointed out that there were many holes in the longest star stream GD-1 in the Milky Way. A stellar stream is a series of stars that travel together through a galaxy, usually from smaller clusters of stars that collide in a galaxy. The stars in GD-1 are the spheroidal clusters that broke into the Milky Way long ago, and they extend into a long line in the air.Anna pointed out that under normal circumstances, the GD-1 star flow should be more or less a line that extends und…

How do we move the earth to avoid the devastating collision of asteroids?

In the sci-fi movie "The Wandering Earth", humans try to use the huge propellers to change the Earth's orbit, thus moving away from the expanding sun and avoiding collisions with Jupiter. This scenario may actually take place. After 5 billion years, the sun will run out of fuel and expand, and it is likely to devour the earth. A more immediate threat is the catastrophe caused by global warming, and shifting the Earth to a wider orbit may be a solution and theoretically achievable.
But how should we do it? And what challenges exist? For the sake of discussion, let us assume that the current orbit of the Earth is deviated to the outside and moved to the orbital position of Mars. For many years, we have been designing small celestial bodies, asteroids, to deviate from the original orbit, primarily to protect the planet from collisions. Some methods are to apply thrust to an asteroid, but usually this thrust is destructive, for example: a nuclear bomb detonates on or near the …

NASA first disclosed the new Mars 2020 spaceship

Each probe car is researched differently using different tools and instruments. The Mars 2020 probe is expected to be on Mars for at least one Martian year - about 687 days, during which time it will drill Mars soil and rock samples. However, NASA does not intend to bring these samples back to Earth, but hopes that this "sample cache" will be the first demonstration to bring the sample back to Earth.
But before that it needs to reach Mars first. To achieve this goal, NASA will use the Mars 2020 spacecraft to accomplish this task. At the same time, a rocket-powered landing platform will also be placed inside the spacecraft. In response, NASA used a car-sized replica probe to simulate the space it would occupy, as the real probe was still under construction. If everything goes according to plan, the spacecraft will land on the Jezero crater on February 18, 2021.
For safety reasons, it also requires a large parachute. NASA demonstrated the practical application of this technology…

Japanese private rocket successfully launched for the first time and arrived in space

According to foreign media reports, a Japanese airline startup named Interstellar Technologies Inc. successfully launched its MOMO-3 rocket last weekend. The rocket was sent to an altitude of more than 100 kilometers. The rocket is reported to be part of a long-term plan for the company to provide satellite launch services to its business partners.

Obviously this is a big success for this company. Because in the past few years, it has experienced many failures. The first launch was in July 2017, when the rocket lost ground with the ground operator after about a minute of launch, then the launch stopped, which forced the rocket engine to shut down, which eventually only flew to a height of 20 kilometers. Into the sea. 

The second launch was even worse. The rocket lost its power after only four seconds of launching, and then fell back to the launch pad and exploded.

The Juno team found similarities between Jupiter and Earth

NASA's Juno detector has discovered some of the amazing features of the gas giant Jupiter, but it also provides scientists with a lot of information about how the planet works. We now know that the air current flowing on the surface of Jupiter actually goes inside Jupiter, and Jupiter's lightning is very similar to what we see on Earth.
Now, the data collected by the Juno detector reveals another aspect of Jupiter that looks a lot like the Earth. In a new paper published in the journal Nature Astronomy, scientists revealed that the readings of the Jupiter magnetic field obtained by Juno are different from those observed in past missions. This shows that the magnetic field of this planet is actually changing in a small but important way, just like the changes we see in the Earth's magnetic field.In this study, NASA scientists compared recent Jupiter magnetic field readings with data collected from tasks such as Voyage and Pioneer many years ago. When Juno flew Jupiter and us…

Astronomers will debate whether to restore Pluto's "planet" status

According to foreign media The Verge, some scientists may still be indignant that Pluto was "relegated" to a dwarf planet ten years ago. And an upcoming debate may be of interest to them, and this debate will focus on whether to restore Pluto's "planet" status. Alan Stern, one of the biggest defenders of Pluto's "planet" status, will debate with Ron Ekers, who was the head of the International Astronomical Union (IAU). The agency is the global organization responsible for redefining the term "planet". Eventually IAU decided to downgrade Pluto to a "dwarf planet", a title that is quite different from the term "planet". This change has triggered many anxiety and turmoil about the loss of Pluto's state of the planet. Perhaps the biggest critics of this new definition is Stern, the chief investigator of NASA's New Horizons mission, which first launched a probe to Pluto in July 2015.
“The process of redefining the pl…

Astronomers Have Discovered That Strange Black Holes will Spray Plasma "Bullets" In All Directions.

According to foreign media reports, it is well known that black holes, a kind of "greedy" celestial body, will ruthlessly devour anything too close. But not everything is swallowed up by it - many black holes have been found to eject high-speed particle jets. However, astronomers have now discovered a strange black hole that will spray plasma "bullets" in all directions. This celestial body is part of a binary system called V404 Cygni, about 8,000 light years from Earth. There, a black hole and a star smaller than the sun are locked in a track close to each other. Black holes are gradually stripping the material of this star, which occasionally produces bright light. The celestial body was first discovered by astronomers in 1989, and it was again noticed in 2015.But when telescopes around the world aimed at V404 Cygni, astronomers noticed that the black hole was doing something weird. In most cases, if a black hole has jets, they are usually perpendicular to the dus…

What is Astronomy For Beginners

Even though humans are basically just big brained apes they really have use their big brains and havesolved a lot of mysteries of the universe.There must be a time when everything was a mystery to us They let you come to the gallows.Why study astronomy.I'm sure it does on that stone data.And in this lecture we've tried to figure out how this universe has always been providing food to our brains. But fascinating mysteries.Isn't it an activity for you.What do you see in these pictures that it's sun shining bright and clear blue sky in this one.And yet it's full moon on a cloudless night with lots of stars at the back.You can also comment a few things extra like the sun is the blue is a star of the earth and the moonis the side the light of the earth and so on.Okay.Now imagine the time about five thousand years ago.Then are seeing this view.What does they do is think differently.You surely don't know that the sun is gone that sun and the moon is gone.That's the …