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Astronomers discover dozens of stars that have been "expelled from their homes"

According to foreign media BGR reports, astronomers used NASA's powerful Chandra X-ray Observatory to observe that some stars are often "expelled from their homes." Astronomers have discovered several binary systems. These binary stars consist of two stars that orbit around a common center.
   Astronomers discover dozens of stars that have been "expelled from their homes"
When a giant star explodes into a supernova and its core collapses into a dense neutron star, under certain conditions, these huge explosions that produce neutron stars are not symmetrical. "Asymmetric forces" may cause a star to be thrown at its intended location. And their companion stars will also be forced to leave the galaxy.

“It’s like a guest being invited to a party with a noisy friend,” Xiangyu Jin, the first author of the study, said in a statement. "The companion star in this case was dragged out of the galaxy just because it was in orbit with the supernova's star."

Researchers using Chandra data have discovered about 30 pairs of stars from the Fornax cluster, and because of this phenomenon, these stars appear to be speeding away from their "homes."

Looking ahead, the researchers hope to use other data from Chandra to discover other pairs of expelled stars that are too dim to use existing data. Longer observations may change this, revealing how additional binary stars are expelled into space.